Saturday, 20 August 2011

here for your information

hmmp now im totally satisfied what happen . i can relief , yeeehaaa ! now i can do what i want plus no one gonna babbler to me anymore . yeah i knw we having a great tyme together but more further our relation there's no more fun ada sweet tyme we can create . i knw you can see it by yourself right ? bla bla bla , i dont want talk about you bh actually ni tapi sengaja moe update blog kan . hahaaa . btw i mmg sayang you but i cannot sayang you mcm dulu and sometimes i felt unhappy, disgust with your altitude cause you kadang2 terlampau control me . itu nd bole ini nd bole , mcm mana tu ? nd kan la 24-7 you want me be there always for you , i have my own life too bh . nuhh now , you have to learn sleep by yourself without hearing my voice and always study for SPM ! ya i think thats all , hope you can find other girls that can make you happy dude and for sure im gonna miss you *mayb :)