Saturday, 20 August 2011

here for your information

hmmp now im totally satisfied what happen . i can relief , yeeehaaa ! now i can do what i want plus no one gonna babbler to me anymore . yeah i knw we having a great tyme together but more further our relation there's no more fun ada sweet tyme we can create . i knw you can see it by yourself right ? bla bla bla , i dont want talk about you bh actually ni tapi sengaja moe update blog kan . hahaaa . btw i mmg sayang you but i cannot sayang you mcm dulu and sometimes i felt unhappy, disgust with your altitude cause you kadang2 terlampau control me . itu nd bole ini nd bole , mcm mana tu ? nd kan la 24-7 you want me be there always for you , i have my own life too bh . nuhh now , you have to learn sleep by yourself without hearing my voice and always study for SPM ! ya i think thats all , hope you can find other girls that can make you happy dude and for sure im gonna miss you *mayb :)

Friday, 19 August 2011

choosing between happy or sad ?

You can choose to be happy or sad and whichever you choose that is what you get. No one is really responsible to make someone else happy, no matter what most people have been taught and accept as true.

expressions of the heart

pffff ntah la , nd tau mcm mana moe mulakan . terlampau sakit hati and makan dalam sama kau ! kw tau ak syg kw , tp napa kw nd pandai berubah . kw ckp ja kw moe berubah tp hakikatnya nd kan ? ak penat bh , penat gila tahan perangai kw , jaga hati kaw and ak yang selalu makan dalam !!! ak tahan ja apa ak rasa sbb ak namoe kw ckp ak ni terlampau mengongkong atau apa , im just nak u tahu yg AKU WUJUD juga dlm dunia kw . seriously , ak nd kisah puwn kw moe keluar p mana2 but at least luangkan la bh masa dengan ak , ni kw luangkn masa dgn ak but more to friends ! sampai sanggup balik membabi buta pagi mlepak ngn mmber . cmmon la kta kw dh matang tp nii bukan gaya org matang okk ? org gentle tahu jaga hati gf dy , yea i knw kw xpandai memujuk but jaga la hati ak skit , boleh ? kadang2 benda mcm ni wat ak rasa mc teda guna ada BOYFIE , tahu ka ? baik ak single je derr senang hati , bole ak bertext, hang out and flirting sama org lain . weyyh boy , ak byk beruba tuk kw , but kw xbole ke beruba sikit tuk ak ?? try la pentingkan ak sikit drpd kwn2 kw tuu . esshhh mcm gatal ketiak ak moe wat pragai mcm dulu keluar mlm and so on dengan often but ak xbuat sbb ak masih ada rasa syg ngn kaw and hormat kw sbgai bf ak . kw yg ubah and ajar ak jgn buat itu jgn buat ini tapi kw sndry xberubah . hmmp kw bsing laau ak keluar even ngn kwn and ak selalu ikut ckp kw stay ja mcm org bodoh d ruma . tapi kw bila ak ckp jgn kelur , pffff bising nk mampus ckp ak ni dh pndai control2 . ak bukan control la derr , ak cuma nk kw tahu yg ak rndu kw . :( :'(
hmmppp sudah la , malaaaas ak nk fkirr ok bubye !

Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Wawa Evans a.k.a Wabbit .
she's beautiful right ?
even i dont know her well , i LOIKE her .

Belly Jelly :)

Charlyn Asha Lyronea Sherman :) ni my beh also , i syg dy ok . muka dy mcm cinta laura kn ? punya cumill :D nuhhh ~ dy sgat talkative and seorang yang sangat CARING about frieds . awww best ni hang out sama dya and lots of people love her so damn much . ily cha ♥

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

mumy :)

ni my mumy . i love her very much cause she the one that always understand me very well .
awww she's pretty right ? just like me , hahaha * perasaan .
btw she also a wonderful and great mother .hmmp what else ? dunnoo , i love you mumy


nuhhh bebeh nd ? ni my lovely sister , kira . awww i miss her so badly :(
she inspires me to keep the spirit of learning. she also always advise me to study and later in the day new just like a bird flying free . thank you sweetie always be there . I hope you always there with me to continue give me courage to learn . iloveyou yaw ♥

Monday, 1 August 2011

♥ my lyl ♥

this is my only and only one lyl ♥ Sandy Sandra Stanislaus :)
for me she's cute and i LOIKE her altitude . most her altitude same with me .
i love her ok , as sys :) nuhh even kami belum berapa rapat and masih malu malu at least kami texting almost everday . sandy is a single child no brother and sister . so i want to be a good sister to her :) Lalalaaa

with BFF

hurrmm this my BFF Queenie Deziree . awww kami pandai bergay this . hahaha . ni manusia la paling sowt plus if ada my BFF c celine alo . i love both of them . cumil kan kami ? perasaaan :D

Saturday, 30 July 2011


hmmp today pa moe ceta arrr :) . me kuar jalan with my bebeh , pff punya penat . almost 11 pm bru balik pdahal kluar td bukan main awal mcm nd cukup masa . hahaa ! what im wearing today ? hmmp lets see , i wear short dress and black short pant inside with 5 incie heel . wewww ~ punya sakit kaki berjalan nd henti with that heel . ngee ! . then almost twice my face d STARBUCKS and me p tgok horror movie lagi . in cinema i duduk tgah nuhh mcm bantal me dibuat olej c QUEEN and JESSIE . mana nd my tangan kena pgang sampai mcm moe patah ouuu , PENAKUT kn mereka . plus me teriak berabis d cinema tadi nasib nd byk orang . hurrm napa la me nd terjumpa hidung BESR td , tringin betul moe tgok cara dy dress up . ya la kan dy trip bebeh sama me , pui pui la me ludah tu manusia . hahaha . btw , im having so much fun today and i love my girls :) ♥

Friday, 29 July 2011

Nuhhhh cute right ? attracted ? not at all ! he is my brother:)
this is my beloved brother Mohd Hafiz Afifi. he had just reached age of 16 on 23 March ago . even though we never face to face, I still love him as a brother. he was very baby with me and always ask the MCD with me . If the MCD is near the corner long time ago spend you . btw i love you and i miss you as my little brother , xoxo .

I know I can't take one more step towards you
Cause all that's waiting is regret
And don't you know I'm not your ghost anymore?
You lost the love I loved the most

I learned to live, half-alive
And now you want me one more time

And who do you think you are?
Runnin' 'round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart

You're gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
So don't come back for me
Who do you think you are?

I hear you're asking all around
If I am anywhere to be found
I have grown too strong
To ever fall back in your arms

I've learned to live, half-alive
Now you want me one more time

Who do you think you are?
Runnin' 'round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart

You're gonna catch a cold
{ From: }
From the ice inside your soul
So don't come back for me
Who do you think you are?

Dear, it took so long
Just to feel alright
Remember how to put back
The light in my eyes

I wish I had missed
The first time that we kissed
'Cause you broke all your promises
And now you're back you don't get to get me back

Who do you think you are?
Runnin' 'round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart

You're gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
So don't come back for me
Don't come back at all

And who do you think you are?
Runnin' 'round leaving scars
Collecting your jar of hearts
And tearing love apart

You're gonna catch a cold
From the ice inside your soul
Don't come back for me
Don't come back at all

Who do you think you are?
Who do you think you are?
Who do you think you are?

Mono I

uhuuu really like this :) :)

uhuuuu guys i really in love with grunge .
i LOIKE the way they dress up :)

A way of Love
There was once this guy who is very much in love with his girl. This
romantic guy folded 1,000 pieces of paper-cranes as a gift to his girl.
Although, at that time he was just a small fry in his company, his future
doesn't seemed too bright, they were very happy together. Until one day,
his girl told him she was going to Paris and will never come back.
She also told him that she couldn't visualize any future for the both of
them, so let's go their own ways there and then ...Heartbroken, the guy
agreed. But when he regains his confidence, he worked hard day and night,
slogging his body and mind just to make something out of him.
Finally with all these hard work and the help of friends, this guy had set
up his own company. You never fail until you stop trying one rainy day,
while this guy was driving; he saw an elderly couple sharing an umbrella
the rain walking to some destination.
Even with the umbrella, they were still drenched. It didn't take him
long to realize those were his girl's parents. With a heart in getting back
at them, he droved slowly beside the couple, wanting them to
spot him in his luxury sedan.
He wanted them to know that he wasn't the same anymore; he had his own
company, car, comfort etc. He made it! Before the guy can realize, the
couple was walking towards a cemetery, and he got out of his car and
followed.... and he saw his girl, a photograph of her smiling sweetly as
ever at him from her tombstone... and he saw his paper cranes beside her.
Find time to realize that there is one person who means so much to you,
for you might wake up one morning losing that person who you thought meant
nothing to you Her parents saw him. He asks them why had this happened.
They explained, she did not leave for France at all. She was ill with
She had believed that he will make it someday, but she did not want to be
his obstacle ..... therefore she had choose to leave him ...
Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't
mean they don't love you with all they have She had wanted her parents to
put his paper cranes beside her, because, if the day comes when fate brings
him to her again he can take some of those back with him ...
Once you have loved, you will always love. For what's in your mind may
escape but what's in your heart will remain forever
The guy just wept ..... The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting
beside them knowing you can't have them

more and more about me :)

C - CRUSHING ON : teeeeetttttt :)
E - EASIEST PERSON TO TALK TO: Bestie and him :)
F - FAVORITE SONG: neyo - together
H - HOMETOWN: Ipoh , perak
I - IN LOVE WITH: the only ♥ :)
J - JUGGLE: idk , hahaaa
K - KILLED SOMEONE: my enemy ='=
L - LONGEST CAR RIDE: ipoh - kl
M- MILKSHAKE FLAVOR: capuccino , yum yum 
O - ONE WISH: happy ever after & well done in SPM
R - REASON TO SMILE: for person who always
S - SONG YOU LAST HEARD: neyo ft cristal Q - im sorry
T - TIME YOU WOKE UP: 1.00 p.m
U - UMBRELLA COLOR/PATTERN: vintage in dark purple
V - VEGETABLE(S): certain only :D
W - WORST HABIT: idk , tell me :D
X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD: Never had
Y – YOYOS ARE: oke la ='=
Z - ZODIAC SIGN: cancer gurl 

Random Questions About You:

Spell your name without vowels: ml ysmn
Least favorite color?: purple + gold
What are you listening to? take me there - secondhand serenade
Are you happy with your life right now?:very pleased
What is your favorite class in school?: biology
When do you start back at school/college?: idk yet
Are you outgoing? : yes i am !
Favorite shoes? : roxy :)
Where do you wish you were right now? rom withe the one who i


Can you dance?:  yeah for sure !!
Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth? : NOP ='=
Can you whistle?: noooo
Write with both hands?:right hand only :)
Walk with your toes curled? : never


Do you believe there is life on other planets?: yes :)
Do you believe in miracles? : definitely
Do you believe in magic?: hell no !
Love at first sight?: YUP
Do you believe in Satan?: yeah..
Do you know how to swim?: hell yeah bebeh , im good in swim :)
Do you like roller coasters?: wuuhuuu yeaaaaaahh i like it 
Do you think you could handle the stuff they eat on those reality shows?: idk 


Have you ever asked someone out?:all people around me
Have you ever been asked out by someone?:innumerable
Have you ever been to the ocean?: yeaaaa
Have you ever painted your nails?: of course


What is the temperature outside?: ccccooooolll
What radio station do you listen to?: 
What was the last restaurant you ate at?: marina cafe at sutera harbour with family 
What was the last thing you bought?: dunhil :)
What was the last thing on TV you watched?: idk , hahaaa . witches i think so


Who was the last person you IM'd?: dunno
Who was the last person you took a picture of?: my friends :)
Who was the last person you said "I love you" to?: my boyfie:)

Thursday, 28 July 2011